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Illusen's Quest
Level 1 - Illusens Cream Cookie
Level 3 - Illusen's Potion
Level 5 - Illusen's Comb
Level 8 - Cucumber Eye Cream
Level 11 - Illusen's Novel
Level 14 - Mud Mixture
Level 17 - Flower Cake
Level 20 - Rain Water Shampoo
Level 23 Rose Shake
Level 26 - Earth Spell Book
Level 29 - Leaf Shield
Level 32 - Illusen's Earth Potion
Level 35 - Honey Potion
Level 38 - Illusen's Scroll
Level 41 - Illusen's Blade
Level 44 - Leaf Taco
Level 47 - Illusen's Orb Plant
Level 50 - Illusen's Staff
*When doing Illusen and Jhudora's quests know that who's ever quest you do the other will not allow to do their quest for a while. So if you take Illusen's quest Jhudora will say "I cannot believe you did one of Illusens Quests. Come back later and maybe...maybe I'll let you do a quest." Most of the time she doesn't, lol.

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