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This is where all scammers, hackers, and betrayers belong!



These are posts made from sailor_jupiter978 on September 4, 2004. She will forever be known as the betrayer of the +..From Autumn To Ashes..+ Guild.

" Re: This is so unfair "

oh whatever!!!! you have the most messed up friends rock star!!!! You have a goth (slipknot), and 11 yr old (alex), and a nasty b who can't keep her hands to herself and has kids way too young (monoxide). Please. I am superior to everyone here!


" Re: This is so unfair "

Oh what ever you're just kissing butt rock star!!! Last month I deserved to be member of the month and I got screwed over!!! You and your perfect account!!! And what is slipknot your boyfriend or something??? God!


" This is so unfair "

Okay who would every want to do this survivor thingy. Rock star like always wins everything!!! Whats up are only council allowed to win things??? How about letting some underdogs win once in a while. All I read in here is rock star this rock star I the only one that feels this way?






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