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Quickest Ways To Earn Neopoints



1. Earning the first 1,000,000 seems hard, but once it is done and you are earning a lot ininterest, you see the neopoints flowing in easier.
2. Play Games!!! All of them, everyday that you can. Send your highest three scores and move on to the next game. Suteks Tomb, Destruct-O-Match, Meerca Chase, Hannah and the Pirate Caves, Hubrids Hero Heist, Ultimate Bullseye, and A Music Bistro give out the most neopoints.
3. Hit all the free stuff (e.g. Tombola, Coltzans Shrine, Fruit Machine, Snowager). If you don't need the item you recieve, sell it. Keep a small shop that brings in anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 a day, but only use 5,000 or less to stock it. Never spend more than 5,000 nps a day (unless buying item you've been saving for). Any extra neopoints put in the bank! Motes, Faeries and Potions are always in demand. You can find these items at the Magic Shop in the Neopian Bazaar. Haggle for the cheapest you can and resell the item in your shop at regular price.
4. In the month of December visit the Advent Calendar in Terror Mountain (Happy Valley) everyday to collect your free daily prize. Prizes are different everyday and on Christmas you usually recieve a Christmas or this year possibly a Snow Paint Brush!!!
5. When doing Faerie Quests, it isn't worth doing the Earth faerie Quest. She tends to ask for really expensive things and feeds your pets in return.
6. Buy scratchcards at the Scratchcard Kiosk in Terror Mountain (Ice Caves). You can turn around and sell them for at least 300 neopoints more than what you paid!
7. On the third day of each month there is a Half Price Day. Deposit all your items and take out a huge chunk of your money, it is time to strike gold!!! The Neggary becomes a plus here for dirt cheap Neggs (about 10 neopoints for a single Brown Negg). Times that by 100 and thats 1000 Tokens!!!
8. Lots of guilds give out expensive items, and if you're a good active member, you may win a fabulous prize!!! But don't forget: Giving is Recieving!!! Donate to your guild, and you'll benefit from it in the long run. Maybe you can donate a prize for a contest, or buy something from their donation shop or trades.
9. Do the Faerie Crossword. If you complete the crossword puzzle in less than five minutes you win 600 neopoints and on occasion it raises your pets intelligence!!! 
10. Lastly don't forget to continuously refresh (especially when at the money tree), you never know when a random event may occur!!!



For from autumn to ashes fans and rockers alike!