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Jhudora's Quest
Level 1 - Poisonous Lollypop
Level 3 - Noxious Nectar
Level 5 - Jhudora's Brush
Level 8 - Purple Blob Potion
Level 11 - Jhudorahs T-Shirt
Level 14 - Gnome Shroom
Levell 17 - Caustic Potion
Level 20 - Dark Faerie Magic
Level 23 - Malice Potion
Level 26 - Purple Spotted Shroom
Level 29 - Clockwork Rat
Level 32 - Toxic Shroom
Level 35 - Dark Shroom
Level 38 - Jhudora's Potion
Level 41 - Bartamus
Level 44 - Dark Faerie Collar
Level 47 - Wand Of The Dark Faerie
Level 50 - Portable Cloud
*There have been roughly 6 or 7 people who have made it to Level 50 and all have had their accounts frozen. No one knows if it was coincidence or if Neopets did it, but Neopets have denied freezing those accounts....but this hasn't stopped other neopians in their quest to pass Level 50!!!

For from autumn to ashes fans and rockers alike!